Quality Time (Detail) By Maria Robinson
Quality Time (Detail) By Maria Robinson

Faculty member Lara Mimosa-Montes recently sat down with members of the MCAD student group Black Artists Student Union (BASU) to discuss their recent Gallery 148 show Navigate, which focused on the narratives of the Black community at MCAD.

Candice Davis, Noah Lawrence-Holder, James Paul Palmer-Wilson, Emma Eubanks, Taylan DeJohnette, Kehayr Brown, Ashley Koudou, and Maria Robinson all speak about the exhibition, what the work represents, and navigating the Twin Cities art scene as a person of color.

"Navigate ended up being the most suitable title for the show, because it allowed us to experience zero restraints on what we could talk about when referring to the Black community. The title was partially a response to the experiences of being Black artists in a primarily white environment, where both teachers and students aren’t always excited to see racially-driven work." —DeJohnette

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