An illustration from The Brave Locomotive. It features a small blue train character standing up to a much larger grey train, who looms menacingly. A handful of human characters stand to the side as onlookers.
Work by Andrew Chesworth

Faculty member Lux Stupica has joined working on alum Andrew Chesworth's upcoming musical short film, The Brave Locomotive. 

The Brave Locomotive has roots in the MCAD and greater-Minnesota community, as Chesworth first came up with the film's concept while attending MCAD and is being scored by a Minnesota company. Chesworth, who formerly worked at Disney, has animated on films such as Klaus and Zootopia and was the co-creator and co-director of the Oscar-nominated short One Small Step. Stupica, whose specialty lies in hand-drawn character animation, has joined the crew as an animation assistant and colorist. Currently, the film is slated to be completed by September 2021.

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