The Orbit of Minor Satellites
The Orbit of Minor Satellites

Christopher Sullivan ’83 is promoting his current film project on Kickstarter.

The Orbit of Minor Satellites is a 2D animated feature film that takes the viewer into the richly imagined world inside the mind of a troubled sanitarium inmate. The film is shot in black and white to better convey the dislocation of the main characters. Sullivan has also received permission to use clips from his personal film hero Boris Karloff's radio performances to voice a major character in the film.

For the last two years, Sullivan has focused on writing, preproduction, experimentation, and animating labor, bringing together a creative team who will work with him to complete the film. Kickstarter pledges will allow Sullivan to finish the film by late summer of 2019, when it will be entered into festivals and theatrically released in 2020.

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