The Frankenstein Project
The Frankenstein Project

Faculty member Stephen Rueff's SuperMonster市City! is celebrating the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein with a newly designed printing of the original text from 1818.

Artists of various mediums, including traditional and digital, are asked to create and submit artwork representing their interpretation of a section of the famous science fiction novel. Artwork will be selected through a submission and jury process. Jurors include faculty member Barb Schulz and Bill Rude ’96.

SuperMonster市City! has received submissions from artists in Bhutan, England, Seattle, New Jersey, Virginia, Minnesota, and more.

“As a fan of Mary Shelley’s work and her creature, this project is meant to honor and celebrate the enduring legacy and impact of her work across generations and around the world. Shelley’s monster reveals the challenges of being misunderstood, the terror inherent in being an outcast, and a pathway for us all to become empathetic toward the ‘others’ among us.” —Rueff

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