Labor Camp Souvenir Plates by Piotr Szyhalski
Labor Camp Souvenir Plates by Piotr Szyhalski

Faculty member Piotr Szyhalski spoke with MPLSART.COM about his practice and upcoming McKnight Discussion Series.

Szyhalski's work centers around his love of language. Bold phrases are printed uses various media, including screenprinting, painted directly on delicate dinner plates, and hand-drawn calligraphy in salt. He has an ongoing collaborative art project, Labor Camp, that often includes fellow artists (including his MCAD students), musicians, and members of the public.

Szyhalski, a 2010 and 2017 McKnight Fellowship recipient, says he is grateful for the organization because it allows him to create work without the sole intention of selling it. "I think we’re really lucky to have McKnight around, and the way the grant is structured, where there’s no project necessarily attached, is amazing. In the end it opens up so many other possibilities for work,” he says.

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