Mud Poem 1 by Sandra Menefee Taylor

Sandra Menefee Taylor ’76, along with Judy Onofrio, will be presenting new work in the Dirt and Bones exhibition at the Form + Content Gallery. Onofrio and Taylor both work with “natural materials as art materials,” which carry within themselves their own meanings.

In her artist statement, Taylor describes her pieces by saying, "These works center around my questions about the Anthropocene era: what if we saw the earth as a partner; what of the world do we really value; what are the things we all have in common. These earthworks pose the materials—dirt, lace, light—as both metaphors and agents of beauty and structure."

Dirt and Bones
March 15–April 21
Form + Content Gallery
  Reception: Saturday, March 17, 7:00–9:00 p.m.

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