Duff Thury holds one of his massive lures
Duff Thury holds one of his massive lures

Duff Thury ’91 spoke with the Growler about his giant handmade muskie lures.

Thury found his love of crafting lures early on; he created his first lure out of wood while still in elementary school. As a young adult, he briefly pursued woodworking in the form of building cabinets, but soon sought more creative freedom. After speaking with then-faculty-member Dean Wilson about the new furniture design program, he decided to attend MCAD.

Thury went on to make furniture for two decades before returning to his childhood love of lures in 2013. His workshop Supernatural Big Baits resides in North Saint Paul and houses hundreds of Thury's hefty lures, with the smallest one clocking in at seven-and-a-half inches. He meticulously crafts lures to cater to the regions he sends them to, whether they are for retail stores or individual commissions.

“These are handmade for a specific, serious angler who is looking for an experience, maybe an heirloom their kids are going to have. [A fishing lure] seems like a disposable thing. I don’t look at it like that. I’m not selling a bait. I’m selling a way of fishing.” —Thury

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