Still of Nerve by Jeralise Tylke
Still of Nerve by Jeralise Tylke

Current student Jeralise Tylke recently presented Digital Fluxus: A Performative Arts Experience to the Art Educators of Minnesota Conference.

The presentation included an introduction to fluxes and a happening experience through twenty minutes of interactive cell phone prompts. The presentation also had drawings that were made and strewn across the room, lights flickering off an on, shout outs, movement, and so much more. The happening concluded in a collaborative poem projected on the front wall after which faculty member Lynda Monick-Isenberg led a guided reflection with teachers.

Participating art educators shared that they walked away with new ways to think about art, teaching through technology, culture, learning, and building community. This workshop changed the way participating art educator's thought about the possibilities of arts experience and teaching.

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