Update on COVID-19 and MCAD Community

Currently there are 5 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the state of MN. According to MN Department of Health, the cause of this localized outbreak is due to recent international travel. These cases are in counties outside of Hennepin County in which MCAD resides. For that reason there have been no immediate changes in MCAD’s operational or academic status other than following the CDC’s travel advisories and health notices.

Because the spread of the virus is unpredictable, the MCAD Emergency Management Team is developing crisis-response plans that range from the postponement of upcoming events to closing the school and moving as many of our classes as possible online. Additionally we are ensuring that essential college operations (payroll, financial aid distributions, etc.) can be done remotely and securely.

We continue to communicate to students, staff, and faculty to stay home or in their residence if they have flu-like symptoms, have had known potential exposure to someone with COVID-19, or have traveled in a country during the time which the CDC has placed it on an alert level 3 designation.

If a student is out sick for longer than two weeks, faculty will make every attempt to accommodate students and determine how best to make up class time and assignments. Absences due to COVID-19 are excused and will not affect grades. Students should not return to campus unless a medical professional gives approval and documentation. 

We have placed informational posters throughout the campus encouraging everyone to follow proper hygiene and wellness practices. In addition, maintenance staff has increased cleaning and sanitizing high-touch surfaces and high-use areas.  

What the MCAD Community Can Do: 

  • Check out the MCAD COVID19 website for regular updates.
  • Subscribe to the free text messaging service at MCAD Alerts.
  • Take time to take care of yourself. With our demands of taking care of friends, students, team members, colleagues, and family, we often take self care for granted. 
  • Check in with those around you. This is a time where we need to come together as a community and support each other. 
  • Continue to urge those around you to use preventative health measures including and especially hand washing. 
  • Be aware of and help stop the stigmatizing of others because of lack of knowledge or misguided fear. There is a disturbing national trend of virus shaming and xenophobia associated with COVID-19 which is completely antithetical to our community values.