A triptych features three colorful pen and ink drawings on a white paper background, with hand-applied gold leaf. They are abstract, forms created from fine, squiggly lines. The flanking images feature a large black abstracted symbol atop the colorful forms, akin to calligraphy. This work normally hangs in MCAD's halls.
Work by Roman Verostko

Faculty emeritus Roman Verostko’sThin As Thorns, In These Thoughts As Us is currently on view at the Honor Fraser Gallery in Los Angeles.

The modern fascination with developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) can be traced back to ancient experimentations with automatons, objects and devices developed to virtually act of their own free will. For centuries, these innovations have allowed us to reflect upon the essence of our own humanity, offering the potential for introspection and self-discovery in ways no other tool or system can. By bringing forth new languages that will aid us in navigating our increasingly cybernetic world, Thin As Thorns: In These Thoughts In Us sets out to present the viewer with essential tools for understanding the complex and pervasive cultural phenomenon at the heart of these innovations.

Thin As Thorns, In These Thoughts As Us is a continuation of Verostko’s use of AI generation in his artistic practice. Included in Thin As Thorns, In These Thoughts As Us are Verostko’s Gaia Triptych III (1991), which belongs to MCAD, as well as several copies of his limited letterpress-edition book Derivation of the Laws, including one that belongs to MCAD Library. 

Thin As Thorns, In These Thoughts As Us
On view through February 20, 2021
By appointment
Honor Fraser Gallery (Los Angeles) 

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