Bobby Rogers
Bobby Rogers
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration

How did you decide on your major?

Bobby Rogers: When I started here I didn’t know what illustration was. I was going to do graphic design, and then my advisor was like, “You seem like an illustrator.” I said that I'd think about it. I wanted to be a photographer and take photos. I wanted to build stuff and be a 3D artist. But after taking a 3D class, I was like, “Heck, no.” So I moved on to MCAD's illustration major

Have you had an internship yet?

BR: I interned with Melody Storm working on a program called Catalyst for Chemistry. Six MCAD students and six chemistry grad students from the University of Minnesota collaborated on finding ways to make chemistry more interesting to middle school kids. So for the first couple of weeks, we performed different experiments with the grad students so that we knew what we were actually talking about. During the second half, all of us designers met with the kids and asked them what they would like to see and what type of materials they would be most interested in. Then we designed pamphlets, animations, comics, and posters.

What are your favorite Twin Cities spots?

BR: The Martin Olav Sabo Bridge. A couple of my friends from high school and I used to go there at night. Whenever there was a problem or anyone needed to talk about anything, we'd all walk out there and chill there for hours. Also, the Stone Arch Bridge. I feel like Minneapolis has grown in that area. 

Do you work anywhere?

BR: I have two jobs. I work for public safety at the college on Saturdays, and I also work at Nordstrom in the Mall of America. I'm a certified shoe specialist.

Do you have any favorite teachers?

BR: Lindsay Nohl and Tom Garrett. 

Talk to Tom about recommendations or networking with people. He's very knowledgeable about looking up different artists. Like, “I have these clients I want you to meet because they’re successful, and I think you can learn from them.”

And ask Lindsay about online presence advice. If you don’t have an online presence, it’s gonna be hard to move forward in the world. Lindsay will tell you all about what websites to use, blogs, competitions to submit to, what to use when you’re wrapping your artwork, how to wrap it, and what companies to go to.

What’s your favorite part of campus?

BR: Brett and Zoey’s office in student affairs. All my greatest memories are from times in that office. When I first came to MCAD, I went to pick up something, and Zoey knew who I was. He said, “Something, something, Bobby.” And I was like, “What? Do they have pictures with our names?” I had talked to him earlier that day on the phone, and I guess he remembered. I always go to Zoey to talk about super random stuff—he knows random facts about everything. Then I talk to Brett about art direction and concepts. He’s a super legit artist, so he knows what he’s talking about.