Paige Polzin
Entrepreneurial Studies

I knew I wanted to go to an art school since ninth grade, but had trouble deciding what to “do with my life.” I have always loved creating and collaborating. When I heard about the entrepreneurial studies (ES) major at MCAD as a junior in high school, I knew it was perfect because it combined my love of art and business.

Infographic by Paige Polzin

Since starting the ES program, I have been able to work with several clients through my classes. These projects provide excellent real-world experience that I gain by actually doing the work. There have been many opportunities to collaborate with other creatives on projects. For me, this is one of the most valuable experiences—learning how to work with others.

"I have had an idea for a product for a few years and I’m excited to learn skills that can make it come to life."

I’m interested in taking a few product design classes before I graduate as an additional strength to my ES degree. The way that a company can communicate with their customers has always interested me. I am very drawn to new and better ways of doing tasks, and I think that well-designed products can add a lot to someone’s life. Taking the product design classes could provide me, and other students, with a foundation of necessary tools to bring my ideas and concepts to life in creating a real product.

Work by Paige Polzin