Combine your interests in both business and art. Work on real projects with real clients.

 Learn about the entrepreneurial studies major at MCAD.

Are you both visual and verbal? Do you like to analyze and solve complex problems? Have you been told you have an entrepreneurial knack?

As an Entrepreneurial Studies Major You Will:

  • Work with real clients on real projects
  • Hone your creative problem-solving skills
  • Gain experience in project management
  • Learn to clearly communicate ideas, both visually and verbally
  • Network with successful business professionals

Tell Me More about Entrepreneurial Studies at MCAD

Student Work

Alumni Spotlight

Ines Kovacevic

Ines Kovacevic ’11

“My modus operandi is to always remain with one foot in and one foot outside of the box.”

Faculty Spotlight

Jerry Allan, Professor

In 2009, Allan gave the keynote presentation for the World Future Society in Washington, DC, on his sustainability project. The presentation was followed by additional invitations from India Today Conclave and the International Educators Conference in Copenhagen.