Entrepreneurial Studies / Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree / MCAD

Entrepreneurial Studies

Combine your interests in both business and art.
Work on real projects with real clients.

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The Bachelor of Science Degree

The entrepreneurial studies major is offered in the four-year bachelor of science degree program.

This program is designed for students who are both visual and verbal, have an entrepreneurial knack, and like to analyze and solve complex problems.

The curriculum integrates three critical dimensions of creative communication: creative management courses, studio courses, and liberal studies courses.

Course Descriptions

Core Degree Requirements 33
Total Credits 120


On-site internships at organizations such as ad agencies and cultural institutions—both local and international—allow students to learn about the industry, enhance their skills, network, and build their portfolios. Previous students have interned at the following organizations, among many others:

Avedabswing ▪ Carmichael Lynch ▪ Fallon, England ▪ Gucci, New York ▪ HUGE Improv ▪ MPR—The CurrentMN Twins ▪ Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, District of Columbia ▪ VH1, New York

Entrepreneurial Studies Faculty

Mike HeggernesKevin ByrneJerry AllanAbbi Allan

Entrepreneurial Studies Alumni

Ines Kovacevic