BFA Foundation Studies

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All first-year students in the bachelor of fine arts degree program take the same foundation courses throughout their first three semesters.

Providing a solid base upon which more focused studies can build, foundation studio courses get students grounded in basic art and design concepts, and foundation liberal arts courses teach them about art and design history while also helping them hone their writing and research skills.

Foundation Courses

  • First-Year Studio Foundation
    • Foundation: 2D
    • Foundation: 3D
    • Foundation: Drawing 1
    • Foundation: Media 1
    • Foundation: Media 2
  • First-Year Liberal Arts Foundation
    • Introduction to Art and Design History 1
    • Introduction to Art and Design History 2
    • Reading and Writing 1
    • Reading and Writing 2
  • Second-Year Studio Foundation

Declaring a Major

Following first-year foundation studies, students work with advisors and instructors to define their goals and choose an appropriate academic program. A student should declare a major no later than his or her third semester at MCAD.