Sculpture | Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree / MCAD


Cast metal, pour iron, cut steel.
Model and prototype digitally.
Install site-specific work.


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The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree in Sculpture

Sculpture means so many things to so many different people that it's best defined by what it's not: flat.

If it's got height, length, and width, it's sculpture, whether it's two tons of twisted iron or two ounces of carved gypsum.

MCAD's 8,000-square-foot, fully equipped 3D shop is where students, armed with power tools and big ideas, explore the third dimension.

Sculpture is a major offered in the four-year BFA degree program. Our BFA curriculum is rooted by Core Four—foundation courses that enhance students' professional development.


Course Descriptions

Required Courses 40
Total Credits 117


On-site internships with professional artists and organizations—both local and international—allow students to learn about the industry, enhance their skills, network, and build their portfolios. Previous students have interned at the following organizations, among many others:

Art Pace, Texas ▪ Broken Crow ▪ Cecilia SchillerFranconia Sculpture ParkGrand Aspirations ▪ Children's Theatre Company ▪ MaryKate Maher, New York ▪ MN Center for Book ArtsWalker Art Center

Sculpture Faculty

Brad JirkaGeorge MahoneyJohn Gaunt

Sculpture Alumni

Aaron SpanglerKinji Akagawa