Aaron Culey talks about studying sculpture at MCAD.

Cast metal, pour iron, cut steel. Model and prototype digitally. Install site-specific work.

Are you a carver, sculptor, welder, or hot glue gun wielder? Do you want to learn to manipulate materials such as wood and metal? Have you ever dreamed of creating a work that would end up in a sculpture garden or another public place where it would be seen by people every day?

As a Sculpture Major You Will:

  • Hone your technical and conceptual sculpture skills
  • Explore historical and contemporary approaches to sculpture
  • Gain foundational skills in a variety of creative media
  • Acquire the skills and knowledge for a professional career in your chosen field

Tell Me More about Sculpture at MCAD

Student Work

Alumni Spotlight

Aaron Spangler

Aaron Spangler ’93

Starting with large slabs of Minnesota basswood, Aaron Spangler methodically creates sculptures that go beyond "folk art" into what he calls "the epic, the paranoid, and the absurd."

Faculty Spotlight

Brad Jirka

Brad Jirka, Professor

In addition to thirty years of teaching studio arts, Brad Jirka's professional history includes working with the collaborative group Midwest Electric Art, cofounding the American School of Neon, and serving as vice president of design for St. Elmo's Inc., an internationally recognized producer of creative lighting.