Sorie Kim talks about her experience studying web and multimedia environments at MCAD.

From the streets to the stadiums, from the screens to the galleries, create and shape the future of digital.

Are you interested in experimenting with and exploring new media and processes? Do you want to create in the territory that spans from virtual environments and games through web-centric work to physical installations and performances?

As a Web and Multimedia Environments Major You Will:

  • Create projects that have aesthetic and intellectual significance
  • Investigate technical, theoretical, and historical vantage points of the field
  • Gain foundational skills in a variety of creative media
  • Explore the role of interactivity in digital programs
  • Acquire the skills and knowledge for a professional career in your chosen field

Tell Me More about Web and Multimedia Environments at MCAD

Student Work

Alumni Spotlight

Jonathan Keller and Keetra Dixon

Jonathan Keller and Keetra Dixon ’99

As married designers, Jonathan Keller and Keetra Dixon work separately but with a common attitude: break the rules. “We want to be surprised by the outcome of our own work,” Keller explains. “We’ll incorrectly use tools, or intentionally break software to achieve new forms.”

Faculty Spotlight

Ben Moren

Ben Moren, Assistant Professor

Ben Moren is a Minneapolis-based media artist working at the intersection of filmmaking, performance, and creative coding. His projects investigate the disappearing separation between the digital and natural worlds.