Off-Campus Housing

MCAD is located in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis. Just one mile south of downtown, Whittier contains a number of popular landmarks such as the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Children's Theater, and Hennepin County History Museum. This area contains a rich concentration of artists, musicians, and cultural diversity.

There are plenty of great off-campus housing options in Whittier, however if you bike, drive, or take advantage of public transportation, your housing options expand.

Starting Your Search

Begin your search early. The more time you allow yourself, the better the chance you have of finding a place that is suitable and affordable. Consider the following:

The MCAD Housing Office has a posting board of available off-campus apartments for rent. (Note: The listings do not indicate approval or endorsement by MCAD. MCAD has not conducted any investigation into the backgrounds of landlords, nor has it inspected the apartments. MCAD cannot and does not make any representation, expressed or implied, regarding the condition or habitability of any such apartment or the reputation of the landlord.) You are encouraged to use additional apartment search resources as well. 

Online Apartment Search Resources

Neighborhood Searches and Word of Mouth

One of the best ways to find available rentals is looking for "apartment available" signs in your desired neighborhood. Also, some of the best apartments in the area pass from person to person with virtually no advertising—ask friends and neighbors if they know of any available apartments.

Touring: Things to Consider

  • Budget—remember to account for utilities if they're not included in the rent
  • Location
  • Roommates and desired amount of space
  • Duration of lease—one year is typical, but six-month and month-to-month leases are sometimes offered
  • Condition—of appliances, water pressure, walls, floors, ceiling, bathroom fixtures, locks, lighting, number of electrical outlets, and laundry facilities
  • Trust your instincts! Do you feel safe? Is it clean? What are the neighbors like? Is there parking available? Storage? Is there easy access to grocery stores, gas stations, banks, buses, etc.?


MCAD's campus and the Whittier neighborhood is generally quite safe. That said, there are ways to be proactive about putting yourself in safe situations and avoiding potentially unsafe situations.

  • When looking for an apartment, consider the security of the building, such as door and window locks, well-lit hallways, and well-lit streets near the building.
  • Consider contacting a department of the Minneapolis Police called Community Crime Prevention/SAFE at 612.673.3015. They can send/fax you a map of current crime incidents in the neighborhood you're considering.
  • If you are unsure about the safety of the neighborhood, drive through the area at night to get a better feel for it.


Meeting a landlord can be very much like looking for a job. Don't underestimate the importance of first impressions. It may determine whether you get the apartment. First impressions go both ways. Remember this is an individual with whom you are doing business. Be selective and judicious. Most importantly, ask questions!

Tenant–Landlord Relations

Resources are available should you need assistance in relations with your landlord.

Property Insurance

MCAD strongly recommends that all students living on or off campus have personal property insurance. Property/renter's insurance tends to be very affordable—and worthwhile. You might want to check on your parents' homeowners insurance; you may be able to add a property insurance rider at low cost.