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On-Campus Apartments

MCAD offers private, shared apartments—unlike crowded dorms—that offer living rooms, closet spaces, bathrooms, and full kitchens. Living on campus puts you right in the center of our college community, where you’ll have easy access to student events and you can work on school projects at virtually all hours—with most of our facilities open 24/7.

  • Most first-year students opt to live on campus.

  • Campus housing is very competitively priced compared to off-campus housing—plus you'll have smaller deposits and no commuting expenses.

  • On-site resident assistants (RAs) provide support, advice, and referrals.

What to Expect

Our seven on-campus buildings offer apartments in single, double, triple, and quad occupancies. Unfurnished apartments have bathrooms and full kitchens. Furnished apartments also have single beds, dressers, tables, a couch, and a dinette set. Check out photos of the rooms.

The buildings have self-locking entries, coin-operated laundry facilities, vending machines, and locked mailboxes.

What to Bring / What Not to Bring

For your desk

  • art supplies from home
  • chair or stool
  • extension cords, power strips, plug adapters
  • lamp, light bulbs (non-halogen)
  • quarters and laundry detergent
  • tape, scissors
  • stationery, stamps

For your kitchen:

  • broom, dustpan, mop
  • cleaning supplies, dish soap, dish brush
  • dishes, cups, utensils, can opener
  • food!
  • microwave
  • pots and pans
  • Tupperware/plastic bags

For the bathroom:

  • aspirin/ibuprofen, Band-Aids, cold medicine
  • bathrobe and towels
  • hair dryer
  • manicure set
  • tissues
  • toilet paper

For your room/life:

  • bedding for twin standard mattress
  • bike
  • games (frisbee, cards, Pictionary, perhaps?)
  • iron/mini steamer
  • posters/decor
  • wastebasket
  • Winter clothing: warm coat, scarf, hat, gloves, snow boots, sweaters, wool socks, extra blankets

What NOT to bring:

  • halogen lamps
  • things that produce open flames (e.g. candles, hookahs, oil lamps, incense burners)
  • weapons, real or imitation (e.g. paint-ball and bb guns)
  • water beds
  • pets
  • wireless routers and access points
  • anything that uses electricity that is not UL-approved

What is provided in furnished apartments:

broadband internet access

  • couch
  • Drawing table for each resident (due to space limitations 2-bedroom/quads have three drawing tables and 1-bedroom/triples have two drawing tables)

    * ** No drawing table chair is provided*
  • dresser for each resident
  • floor lamp(s)
  • kitchen table and chairs
  • refrigerator and range
  • shower curtain
  • telephone
  • standard twin bed for each resident (twin long not available)
  • window blinds

What is provided in unfurnished apartments:

broadband internet access

  • shower curtain
  • window blinds
  • telephone
  • refrigerator and range

You are responsible for maintaining the apartment and furnishings in good condition. When you move in, you and your RA will inventory the condition and furnishings of your apartment. Deductions from your deposit and possibly additional charges will be made if the apartment or any items are damaged, missing, or not clean when you move out. You are welcome to bring some of your own furnishings, but the college's furnishings must remain in your apartment.

Move-in day packages:

If you need to have boxes sent to you at move-in time, you MUST have them mailed to your apartment address AFTER you have moved in. You may NOT have them mailed to the college. You may not receive them if they are sent to MCAD's general address.

Please note: We recommend you purchase insurance for your boxes. An extra couple of dollars isn't a lot when faced with losing some of your most precious possessions. Also, be sure to pack the basics (change of clothes, toothbrush, shampoo) in a separate bag that you carry on with you. That way, if you beat your boxes to campus, you won't have to go a day or two without brushing your teeth. Your new neighbors will thank you.

Parcel lockers are in the laundry rooms of the following apartment buildings: 150, 148, 146, 144, 2537, 2540, and 2550. Only packages sent by U.S. mail will be delivered to the parcel lockers. A key to the locker will be left in your mailbox by the mail carrier when there is a package for you in the parcel locker. There are limits to the size of the package the parcel locker will hold; the capacity of the locker is approximately 19"W x 31"D x 24"H.

Details and Policies

Complete MCAD housing information and policies are detailed in the MCAD Housing Handbook.

Keys: Each resident is issued keys to the building door, apartment door, and mailbox at move-in time. The same keys must be returned when the resident moves out, and they may not be copied. If keys are lost or copied, the apartment and building locks will be changed and new keys issued at a cost of $235 to the resident.

Pets: No pets (including fish) are permitted in MCAD housing.

Apartment and Roommate Selection: Housing and roommate assignments will be made based as much as possible on the preferences you have stated on your housing application. Requests for specific roommates must be made by both roommates.

Parking: At the present time, the college does not have sufficient parking space to accommodate both on-campus and commuter students. Therefore, MCAD cannot provide on-campus parking for students who live in campus housing.

Security: Campus security force 
is on duty twenty-four hours a day, providing escort service to and from apartments.

Candles/Open Flame Policy: Due to fire hazard, candles, incense burners, oil lamps, and other items that produce open flames are not permitted in MCAD housing.

Fire-Safety Systems: All resident apartment buildings have smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors in the common areas that report to a central panel at the public safety office. In addition, there are local sounding smoke detectors inside each apartment. Apartments with gas ranges have combination smoke/carbon monoxide detector units in the apartment. Fire drills are conducted twice each year in the resident apartment buildings, one of which occurs after sunset. MCAD has an active safety committee that evaluates and recommends life safety improvements annually to the college administration.

Missing Student/Contact Person: The emergency contact listed on the housing application will be the contact if a student is determined to be missing, and a missing person report will be made with the Minneapolis Police after 24 hours. (Note: If the student is under the age of 18, his or her legal guardian will be contacted and advised.)

Property Insurance: MCAD strongly recommends that all students staying in campus housing have personal property insurance. The college does not accept responsibility for students’ personal property. You may have your own insurance coverage or perhaps you can get this type of coverage via your parents’ homeowners plan. Students living in off-campus housing may also want to look into having property insurance.

Conduct: Living on campus is a privilege of being a student at MCAD and is meant to enhance your education while you're here. While recognizing and affirming differences in lifestyles, MCAD also recognizes that certain behavioral guidelines must be followed for individuals to live together successfully. Serious or repeated conduct problems are dealt with according to procedures outlined in the MCAD Student Handbook and MCAD Housing Handbook and, if necessary, may result in removal from or denial of readmission to college housing.

Utilities: Utility costs (heat, electricity, local phone, internet service, and water) are included in the housing fee. Electric costs in excess of $30 in any month will be charged back to the residents. Cable TV service is not included in the housing fee.

Phone: Local phone service is included. Long distance calls must be made collect or charged to a long distance credit card.

Mail: All mail for you needs to be sent to your address at your apartment building. DO NOT have your mail sent to MCAD’s general address. If you need to have large packages sent to you at move-in time, you MUST have them mailed to your on-campus apartment after you have moved in. You may NOT have them mailed to the college.

Parcel lockers are in the laundry room of each building. Only packages sent by US mail will be delivered to the parcel lockers; a note and a key to the locker will be left in your mailbox by the mail carrier when there is a package for you in the parcel locker. There are limits to the size package the parcel locker will hold; the capacity of the locker is approximately 19”W x 31”D x 24”H.

Smoking: No smoking is permitted in MCAD housing. All residence buildings are entirely smoke-free.

Housing Fees, per Person, 2016/17 Academic Year
  • $7,570 Efficiency/One-Person Furnished
  • $7,100 Efficiency/One-Person Unfurnished
  • $5,290 One-Bedroom/Two-Person Furnished
  • $4,600 One-Bedroom/Two-Person Unfurnished
  • $7,940 Small One-Bedroom/One-Person Furnished
  • $7,320 Small One-Bedroom/One-Person Unfurnished
  • $4,780 Two-Bedroom/Three-Person Furnished
  • $4,350 Two-Bedroom/Three-Person Unfurnished
  • $4,150 Two-Bedroom/Four-Person Furnished
  • $3,760 Two-Bedroom/Four-Person Unfurnished
  • $6,440 Small Two-Bedroom/Two-Person Furnished
  • $5,750 Small Two-Bedroom/Two-Person Unfurnished

Off-Campus Housing

For helpful information about living off campus—including apartment hunting tips, search resources, things to know about landlords, and more—see off-campus housing.

Housing Questions? Email


Dining Options

You can use our college cafeteria, the MCAD Bistro, as often as you like. There you’ll find fresh-cooked meals, along with beverages and snacks, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Items can be purchased with or without a meal plan.

Meal Plan

The MCAD Bistro account is a prepaid charge account funded online, via the student's account, to make purchases at the college cafeteria. MCAD Bistro account balances transfer from one semester to the next and are reconciled and/or refunded at the end of the spring semester. Students may request the account to be closed and refunded in advance of the spring semester by calling 877.744.5219, ext. 1.

If you like to cook, you can always visit nearby grocery stores and plan your own meals. Our convenient campus shuttles make regular trips.

Additional Information: