Faculty Sabbatical Exhibition—Rebecca Alm, David Goldes, Brad Jirka, and Philip Larson

Faculty Sabbatical Show

Rebecca Alm, David Goldes, Brad Jirka, and Philip Larson
Concourse Gallery
March 24–April 15, 2012
Reception: Friday, April 13, 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Faculty noontime presentations in Auditorium 140:

Tuesday, April 3
Brad Jirka, Professor, Fine Arts
"Stuff Redux"

Brad Jirka looks anew at what things have come before and posits where they might lead. In doing so, he explores what enticed him to become a “maker.” It is not simply about making “art,” rather, it is what making means to those objects and ideas to which he gravitates both in the studio and out.

Thursday, April 5

David Goldes, Professor, Media Arts
“The Invention of Electricity”

The myriad uses of electricity that shapes much of life on earth as we know it today began in 1800 with the invention of the battery. David Goldes' practice builds on 18th and 19th century experimentation in an effort to visualize electricity's power and our fascination with it. 

Tuesday, April 10
Philip Larson, Professor, Liberal Arts

“Downtown Minneapolis: Architectural Masterworks”

Symbols, secrets and stories from archival postcards, national magazines, and thirty years of architecture photography by Philip Larson.

Friday, April 13
Rebecca Alm, Professor, Fine Arts, and Senior Director, Learning Resources
“Blur, Loss, Erase”

Rebecca Alm will explain how taking an online class on evaluating online classes, paper making in her studio, travel to Prague and Southern Minnesota, attending a creativity and innovation conference at Haystack, and sitting at a deathbed watch all fit together in her semester long sabbatical.