Across the Tracks: Elizabeth and Christopher Cunningham

January 7–22, 2012

Concourse Gallery
Minneapolis College of Art and Design

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design is pleased to present Across the Tracks, an exhibition that features eight collaborative pen drawings and 26 photographs made by two siblings, Chris and Liz Cunningham, while traveling together in Europe. The show also includes a lithographic print that combines all eight drawings in sixteen separate layers. The drawings were made while Chris and Liz were sitting on the train facing each other, keeping loose pressure to the paper, and letting the motion move their hands.

Liz proposed the drawing project, and Chris arrived with his large format camera and plenty of film. Their long rides recorded motion and energy, and at their destinations Chris focused on moments of isolation and stasis. Their contrasting work illustrates the journey in a lyrical train ride, where historic cities are masked by modern infrastructure and the landscape between those cities is captured by seismic hands.

Chris is a recent graduate of the Corcoran College of Art and Design and Liz is a senior at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.