PhD, University of Minnesota

Frenchy Lunning focuses on design, popular culture, and cultural theory throughout her work. She has written a book on fashion and fetish published by Berg Publishers in Britain, and she is currently working on two books, one on fetish and fashion, and the other on cosplay for Berg Publishers. She is also working on a book she began on a Fulbright to Japan in 2008 on the shĂ´jo as a global character.

Lunning is the director of Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits: Culture and Creation in Manga and Anime and the Mechademia Conference, the only academic conference in the United States focusing on Asian popular culture. And she is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Mechademia, a book series published by the University of Minnesota dedicated to Asian popular culture, manga, and anime. The latest book is Mechademia 9: Origins.

Lunning recently began working in object-oriented ontology, an aspect of the philosophical area called Speculative Realism, and has chapters published in two anthologies addressed in that field. In addition, she has a film and video production firm, Moving Walkway Productions, which works primarily on music videos but also is developing a feature-length indie film.