Zak Sally

Adjunct Faculty



Zak Sally is a cartoonist, printmaker, publisher, musician, and educator. He self-published his first comic zine on a photocopier at the age of thirteen. In the intervening years, he played in the band Low, for which he received songwriting credit on two Grammy-nominated songs. He released a solo record, Fear of Song, in 2009. He also had a bit part in the Steve Martin movie Shopgirl and a guest spot for ABC News online posting as a “music expert.”

Sally has been nominated for two Eisner awards for the final issue of his Recidivist series and he owns and operates his own award-winning micro-press concern, La Mano, for which he runs the offset press. He has designed record covers, posters, zines, illustrations, and all sorts of stuff, all over the place, for many years. His current ongoing project is Sammy the Mouse. He’s been teaching at MCAD since 2007.