MCAD Institutional Compliance

  1. Mission, Vision, and Values

  2. Program Requirements—Including prerequisite courses

  3. Admission Requirements—Both to the institution and to particular programs and majors

  4. Policies on Acceptance of Transfer Credit—Including how credit is applied to degree requirements
    Except for courses articulated through transfer policies or institutional agreements, the institution makes no promises to prospective students regarding the acceptance of credit awarded by examination, credit for prior learning, or credit for transfer until an evaluation has been conducted.

  5. All Student Costs—Including tuition, fees, training, and incidentals; financial aid policies, practices, and requirements; and policy on refunds

  6. Policies Regarding Academic Good Standing—Including probation and dismissal requirements

  7. Full List of Faculty—And their academic credentials

  8. MCAD operates independently of any controlling entities. We do not report to any parent corporation, institutional instruction provider, or faith-based organization.

  9. Credit Hour Definition

  10. Board of Trustees

  11. President's Advisory Council

  12. Awards, Accreditations, Affiliations

  13. Facilities