Signing for Displaced Persons, courtesy of Peruzzo's instagram (anthonyperuzzo)

Faculty member Anthony Peruzzo illustrated the recently released Displaced Persons, a comic book by Derek McCulloch that's been fifteen years in the making.

Boxes done by DesignWorks can be seen throughout Whittier

Perhaps you have noticed the artwork popping up on utility and electrical boxes throughout Whittier Neighborhood and wondered who is behind it all. The answer is MCAD DesignWorks!

Party on Fire

Studio mates Eddie Perrote ’14 and Leanna Perry ’14 met each other on their very first day at MCAD. Today they each fill their time with über-creative internships and jobs, as well as some major collaborations.

Alum Heeyun Kim illustrated for Claws Under the Couch!

Heeyun Kim ’14, MFA, Nancy Carlson ’76, and Chris Monroe ’84 are all nominated for the Children's Literature category in the 27th Annual Minnesota Book Awards.  

One of alum Dustin Feider's 'adult' treehouses

While many of us built and played in treehouses in our youth, Dustin Feider ’05 has managed to make a very grown-up business out of it.

State of the Art features work by faculty member Andy DuCett

In 2013, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art’s curatorial team hit the road to investigate what’s happening in American art today. After logging more than 100,000 miles and crisscrossing the United States to visit nearly 1,000 artists, they've created a one-of-a-kind exhibition that offers a new perspective on American art.

Alum Kayla Kern's work with the 2013 MCAD Commencement brochures

Alum Kayla Kern's graphic design work is featured on BA Lady Creatives.

The article showcases a number of pieces that embody her "funky, messy-chic style," including her work with the latest MCAD Viewbook, an Anna Wolf promotional calendar, and a Design Club Fundraiser poster.

Alum Cherith Lundin's work examines the architectural contours of every day life

Cherith Lundin ’00, MFA, will be featured in An Excess of Ground, a Saint Mary's University art show.

Artwork by alum Emily Sheehan. Photo courtesy of

Emily Sheehan ’08, MFA, will be showcasing new drawings in her upcoming third solo exhibition I Have My Moments.

Becca and Alex

The crew answers hard-hitting questions such as "What fruit/vegetable do you most resemble?"

Girl Slave Singer 3 by alum Hend Al–Mansour, courtesy of

When the city of St. Paul proposed to cut down a tree trunk that had succumbed to root diseases, Hend Al-Mansour ’02, MFA, countered with a different idea: leave the trunk for her to paint.

Illustration by Anthony Pugh ’02

Anthony Pugh ’02 recently had the opportunity to design and paint a mural for the FDA's Real Cost campaign.

Photograph by Allea Lovely

Current Student Allea Lovely is featured on Turning Art, a website that allows subscribers to rotate new artwork into their home as frequently as they like.

JeongHo Park ’13, MFA, holding his prize

The Type Directors Club recently honored some of the world’s best typographic designers at their annual awards ceremony.

Ink Babel by alum Andrea Carlson

Work by Andrea Carlson ’05, MFA, is on display in the exhibition Ink Babel currently on view at Bockley Gallery.

Student Body Infographic MCAD

A by-the-numbers look at MCAD's 2014 incoming class.

DesignWorks Rebranded Macalester's Bookstore, The Highlander

It's been a busy summer for MCAD's DesignWorks. Among their many projects, they were asked by Macalester College to rebrand their bookstore, the Highlander.

Alum Karolina Karlic will launch Primer this month

Karolina Karlic ’05 will be hosting a book launch for her latest release, Primer.

Kitsune: of Foxes and Fools was the first game released by the company

Charles Price ’13 is the art director for Diamond Dust Dreams Inc., a startup company that recently introduced the game Kitsune: Of Foxes and Fools, which will be in select stores by the end of August.

Robin Moline's work featured on the postage stamps

Illustrator Robin Moline ’81 is the artist behind the latest US Postal Service Farmer's Market postage stamps.

For the last few months, MCAD's roof has been home to beehives in an effort to expand the population of bees. If we happen to one day be able to harvest some honey, it will be an even sweeter deal for everyone.

Woodstock 2014 Artisan's Market

Plans are in motion for the upcoming Woodstock 2014 Artisan's Market and organizers are looking for new artists, foodies, and crafters to feature.

Natasha Pestich's work in Addendum

Faculty member Natasha Pestich is showing an artist's book and drawings in a group exhibition in Chicago entitled Addendum. Faculty members Pamela Valfer and Ben Moren and alumni Michael Mott, Tynan Kerr, and Isa Gagarin will also have work featured in the exhibition.

Alum Brent Schoonover's work will be on the Monster Cereals

General Mills has teamed up with DC Comics to redesign the iconic characters of their Monster Cereals. Included in the redesign is artwork by Brent Schoonover ’02.