MCAD Spring BBQ and Zipline

To celebrate the (near) end of the school year and the (late) start of Spring, MCAD Student Activities brought a zip line to the annual Spring BBQ.

Steve Robbins will be holding a Kickstarter Campaign to fund his newest project Ad-Man!, a 108-card deck that incorporates original advertising mascots. Taking the role of an advertising executive, the goal is to have the most products at the end of the game. The project goal of $8,000 will be used to print 1,000 decks.

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Current BFA senior Adina Cohen was selected to be a part of the Stephen Chiodo Stop Motion Animation Masterclass at the Laguna College of Art and Design in California. After a rigorous selection process, only sixteen people were chosen to be a part of the program. During the twelve-week class the students will produce a short stop motion film.

Terrence Campagna (MFA ‘09) was awarded a fellowship at the Joan Mitchell Center. Campagna will be a resident at the center throughout May in the culturally diverse and historic city of New Orleans.

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Terrence Campagna

MCAD faculty member Josh Teschner’s essay On Drones was published in the spring issue of The Iowa Review. On Drones details a museum encounter with a predator drone that leads to an exploration of military technology, the Uncanny Valley, and the father of an army ranger who died on a mountaintop in Afghanistan.

Faculty member David Goldes was recently reviewed by the StarTribune. Written by Mary Abbe, the article discussed the newest show by Goldes, Electrified Drawings, which are on view at the Bakken Museum.

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Kate Thomas' book War on Women has been accepted into the Heart & Hands Book Arts Exhibition at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, being juried by Barbara Tetenbaum.
Exhibition dates:

Lincoln, Nebraska, UNL Love Library, April 8 - May 31, 2013 Omaha, Nebraska, UNO Criss Library, October 11 - November 14, 2013

During his six month leave from MCAD, Kevin Byrne created An Ethnography of Property Inspection, a series of illustrated essays about architectural plans and photography. The ethnography also focuses on GPS devices, geodemography, gunshot mapping of inner cities, hailstorms, global warming, neighborhoods, and more.

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Sustainable Cities Collective Article (  

A Virtual Conversation: Looking Anew At Small Worlds of Art and Design, written by Kevin Byrne and illustrated by Ed Moorman, is a six page comic narrative appearing in Environmental & Architectural Phenomenology 2013 (Vol. 24). It recently became available online at no cost (below).

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Carrie Hartman's illustration class was recently featured in a City Pages article. According to the article, the students were asked to create four to five characters and place them in a scene of an upbeat, Twin Cities-related theme such as a season or annual event.

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Current MCAD BFA student Alex Munro made a music video for Macklemore at First Avenue. The video featured a culmination of fast paced, exciting shots and diverse color and editing. Munro has many other new videos, which he releases on his website (below).


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Audrey Moxley was a recent curator of Palindrome, held in Gallery 148, which was recently featured in City Pages. The show featured work of current student Mel Nyugen and alumni Jenny Bookler, Maura Doyle, and Sarah Julson.

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Diana Green was recently quoted in a Star Tribune article on teaching with comics.

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Star Tribune Article ( 

MCAD BFA alum John Foster has recently been featured in a Juxtapoz article for his sparkling geometric table.

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Current photography student Cody Lidtke has an exhibition on view at Cliché boutique in Minneapolis. The images from Mythos feature clothes from the store's collection.

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L’etoile Magazine

Former adjunct faculty member Roxanne Jackson has a series of current and upcoming exhibitions:

Lu Magnus Thanks
March 29 - April 26

Linfield Gallery Blonde Ambition
April 8 - May 11

Radiator Gallery TBA
May 2013

Grassi Museum Starker Auftritt! Experimentelles Schuh-Design
March 28 - September 29

Kiehle Gallery A Horse a piece: Roxanne Jackson and Chris Held
February 26 - March 21

Alum Pao Houa Her will hold at exhibition at Franklin Artworks gallery in Minneapolis. The exhibition will premiere selected works from her extensive series of photographs completed within the past year. The photos document subjects including her family, a wide examination of Hmong Culture, international internet dating, and portraits of an aging generation of Vietnam War-era Hmong American veterans. This will be Her’s first solo exhibition, open through May 1, 2013.

Five students have been offered a 2013 WorkART Kunstverein Fellowship. The WorkART Kunstverein Fellowship Program offers an extremely limited number of summer internships which are highly competitive. Congratulations to:

Kara Gregory - Print Paper Book
Taylor Mund - Drawing/Painting
Jamie Owens - Illustration
Hanan Rddad - Painting/Drawing
Claire Strautmanis - Fine Arts Studio

Student International Small Print Show

Current students Ana Laura Juarez and Phillip Bologna have recently been accepted into the Student International Small Print Show in Egypt. On March 23, the show will open at El Minia University in conjunction with the international art conference, then move to the Opera Art Gallery in Cairo later in 2013.

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Icons of the American Comic Book

Diana Green has four articles featured in Icons of the American Comic Book Vol 1 & 2. Her entries focus on Archie Comics, Bone, Robert Crumb, and Joe Kubert.

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Minneapolis Institute of Arts

This year students Sean Hvidston and Allison Bolah will be representing MCAD at the MIA and ACTC Art History Symposium on April 13th.

Allison Bolah will be discussing the MIA's Portrait of Charlotte of France (1522) by Jean Clouet in her paper entitled The Portable Portrait: Physicality, Meaning, and Mediation.  Bolah is a first year graduate and candidate for a Master of Fine Art (2014).

Excess of Void

Alumni Aaron Anderson and Eric Carlson art to be residents at the Museum of Arts and Design, presenting their process of transforming the surface of natural woods with dye and pigment. The duo is also working on Excess of Void, a show that will open March 12, 2013. 

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Excess of Void ( 

Ta-coumba Aiken (‘74) and Joseph Norman will be featured in a two-person show in the MCAD Concourse Gallery, on display through March 3. Aiken and Norman seize upon the rhythms and nuances of music and visual storytelling to explore emotional, spiritual, and historical truths in their large-scale drawings and paintings. The artists will also conduct a live drawing performance during the exhibition reception on February 8.

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Tell Me About Your Mother

Tell Me About Your Mother, an MFA exhibition, opened and ran from February 15 to 17 at the MCAD Whittier Studios. Working in collaboration with one another, comic artists, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and sculptors exchanged and reinterpreted stories about their mothers.

Work by current MFA student Zach Collins was featured in ARTBOOK! Vol. 2 Issue 4.

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