Welcome to MCAD!

Thank you for choosing a class at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. We are confident that your teen will have a richly engaging experience.

There are several important details that we would like to share with you before you join us. Please read the following information and contact us with any further questions that you may have about your teen’s class or any of our policies.

MCAD for Teens

Our teen classes are designed to introduce teenage students to processes, concepts, and materials, while developing their creative expression. Meant for the motivated art student, these classes will challenge teens to explore new media and further their skills in their current areas of artistic interest.

First Day of Classes

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

For students whose class(es) take place in the Main Building, please drop off and pick up your teen on the south side of the Main Building and enter through the south side parking lot and doors. Short-term parking is available for drop-off and pick-up.

For students whose class(es) take place in the Morrison Building, please drop off and pick up your teen either on the south side of the Main Building or in the circle drive accessible via Stevens Avenue on the north side of the Main Building. The circle drive is used for drop off and pick up only, however, and should not be used for short-term parking.

If driving to class, teens can park in the south side parking lot or on available street parking. Please pay attention to any parking restrictions on adjacent streets. Teens must not arrive earlier than ten minutes prior to the beginning of the class and must depart or be picked up immediately upon conclusion of the class. Though MCAD does employ a full-time Public Safety staff, your adherence to this policy helps ensure the safety of all youth.

Art Supplies

Please review the class description for any materials that may be required for the first day. Syllabi or other class information will be presented at the first class meeting.

Information and Policies

Snacks, Lunch, and Food Service

Students in classes that overlap the lunch period will have an unsupervised thirty-minute lunch break during which time students are required to remain on campus. Each student should bring his/her lunch. The MCAD cafeteria is closed during the summer, but vending machines are available in both campus buildings.

Attendance Policy

Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class. If your teen will need to miss a day or will need to leave early from class, please notify the instructor ahead of time or contact continuing education at 612.874.3765 or continuing_education@mcad.edu.

Student Conduct

MCAD reserves the right to dismiss a student when his/her actions show disrespect for other people or property. Once a student starts the program week, tuition and fees cannot be refunded for subsequent dismissal, withdrawal, or absence.

Medication/Personal Items

If your teen requires prescription medication (with the exception of an Epi-Pen), please bring it in the original container and give directly to the instructor at check-in. Teens with Epi-Pens for allergies must keep the pen on their person at all times, either in a waist pack or on a lanyard. Please do not send: electronic games, phones, listening devices, toys, dolls, stuffed animals, or any item of value, such as jewelry or money in any form. MCAD assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged personal property.

Personal Safety

MCAD employs the service of an independent firm that performs a thorough background check on all the faculty, staff, and assistants we hire. These employees are also required to read and sign our rigorous policies regarding sexual abuse. If a complaint or investigation provides knowledge or reason to believe that child abuse has occurred, MCAD will comply with Minnesota Statute 626.556, Reporting of Maltreatment of Minors. This statute states: “Any professional who has knowledge of or reasonable cause to believe a child is being…physically or sexually abused shall make an oral report immediately by phone (to the appropriate state agency) to be followed as soon as possible by a report in writing.” Contact the director of continuing education at 612.874.3778 or at continuing_education@mcad.edu if you have any questions or concerns.


Change of schedule? Review our refund policy here.

Additional Information