Sebastian Schnabel talks about his experience studying filmmaking at MCAD.

MCAD filmmaking majors try it all: writing, directing, producing, shooting, editing, and occasionally even acting. Hone your personal style and bring your vision to life—whether it’s a music video, documentary, feature film, or something else entirely.

As a Filmmaking Major You Will:

  • Master the structure of a variety of motion-picture projects
  • Create films that shape experience, question perception, and transform the world
  • Acquire real-world experience through internships and production opportunities
  • Gain foundational skills in a variety of creative media
  • Acquire the skills and knowledge for a professional career in filmmaking

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Student Work

Alumni Spotlight

Jake Yuzna

Jake Yuzna ’05

“At MCAD, you learn all of these random skills that you think you’ll never need, but that’s what gives you a different approach and perspective. You walk out with much more diverse abilities.”

Faculty Spotlight

Craig Rice, Adjunct Faculty

Craig Rice is a long-established educator, diverse entertainment executive, and award-winning producer and director who is nationally recognized for his distinguished career in the television and film industries.