MCAD is focused on preparing you for the changing local and global job market, which is increasingly defined by digital technology and team-based workspaces.

In keeping with our mission of educational excellence and service, we require all MCAD students to own a laptop computer.

All new undergraduate and graphic design certificate students need to purchase* a custom-configured, fully supported MacBook laptop that is used in MCAD's classrooms. In addition, you will use your computer to conduct research, carry out assignments, enter class discussion groups, and communicate with teachers and administrators.

Laptops are offered through MCAD at a significantly discounted price and may be picked up during orientation.



I'm so excited about my laptop! When do I get it?

You will be able to pick up your laptop during orientation prior to the start of your first semester.

Is there a warranty?

Definitely, yes. Laptops purchased by MCAD are covered under Apple's standard one-year limited warranty. You are also welcome to upgrade your coverage to last three years with AppleCare+. These warranties do not cover accidental damage, however, so we recommend insuring your laptop with renter's or homeowner's insurance.

Is there technical support on campus for my computer?

Absolutely! MCAD has on-site support and training for students who purchase the MCAD laptop bundle.

Can I buy my laptop at the Apple Store or another retailer?

There is no good reason to buy the computer at a retail outlet. The cost of the required hardware and software would be significantly higher—as much as $1,000 more for the software alone. The discounted laptop that MCAD provides is custom-built for our curriculum and students' needs and has been tested to work with our network, classrooms, library, and other infrastructure.

What if I want to use a different make, model, or size?

The computers we offer are specifically built for our curriculum and classes. If you use a computer not custom designed by MCAD, we cannot guarantee it will work within our technology landscape. In addition, the required software you would have to buy to complete classroom assignments would cost well over $1,000. Although we assist students with laptops not purchased through MCAD, we cannot provide maintenance and troubleshooting.

Nonetheless, if you decide not to participate in the laptop program, a Laptop Waiver must be signed. Please contact to receive the form.

I want to use a Windows laptop for class work. What are my options?

At this time, MCAD does not offer full support for Windows laptops within the classroom environment. Admitted students are required to use an approved MacBook Pro with Retina display.


More questions?

Contact for laptop assistance.

*Students who apply by the Early Action Application deadline are eligible for the MCAD Laptop Scholarship, which provides admitted BFA and BS students with a free Apple laptop when they enroll at the college.