2021/22 Academic Year

TuitionPer SemesterPer Year
12–18 Credits$20,672$41,344
1 Credit (if fewer than 12 or more than 18)$1,723 (fall, spring)
TBA (summer)


FeesPer SemesterPer Year
Student Activity Fee$100$200
Technology Fee$125$250
Health Insurance (waived with proof of personal insurance)$1,534.50$3,069
Textbooks and Supplies (estimated)$1,530$3,060


On-Campus HousingPer SemesterPer Year
Housing DepositN/A$350
Apartment Rental (per student, duration of 2020/21 academic year)
  • $8,560  Efficiency/One-Person Furnished 
  • $8,020  Efficiency/One-Person Unfurnished
  • $4,700  Efficiency/Two-Person Furnished
  • $4,370  Efficiency/Two-Person Unfurnished
  • $5,980  One-Bedroom/Two-Person Furnished 
  • $5,210  One-Bedroom/Two-Person Unfurnished
  • $4,250  One-Bedroom/Three-Person Furnished
  • $3,680  One-Bedroom/Three-Person Unfurnished
  • $8,950  Small One-Bedroom/One-Person Furnished 
  • $8,250  Small One-Bedroom/One-Person Unfurnished
  • $5,400  Two-Bedroom/Three-Person Furnished 
  • $4,920  Two-Bedroom/Three-Person Unfurnished
  • $4,700  Two-Bedroom/Four-Person Furnished 
  • $4,370  Two-Bedroom/Four-Person Unfurnished
  • $7,280  Small Two-Bedroom/Two-Person Furnished 
  • $6,500  Small Two-Bedroom/Two-Person Unfurnished


One-Time Fees for New Students 
Tuition Deposit (credited to your tuition upon enrollment)$300


*Anticipated Premium

**Rental charges for student apartments vary based on type of unit, number of occupants, and whether the unit is furnished or unfurnished. Listed apartment rental charge is per student and includes internet service and all utilities, except long-distance phone service. Domestic MFA students may apply for on-campus housing, but please note that priority is given to undergraduate and international students. Contact the housing office at 612.874.3780 for more information.