Important Dates 

Fall 2020
June 1**Priority Deadline for housing applications
Early JuneHousing assignment notifications sent via email
August 21Move-in day
August 22–23Orientation

**Due to the ongoing concerns regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact to the admission cycle, the May 1 deadlines have been extended to June 1.

Required Application Materials

  1. Online Housing Application
  2. Lead-Based Paint Brochure and Disclosure
  3. $350 Housing Commitment Deposit (payable online)

You must read the Lead-Based Paint Disclosure and submit both the housing application and the housing deposit for your housing application to be complete.

The Application Procedure

If you would like to live on campus, you must complete and submit the housing application. Once submitted, the housing application binds you to the terms and conditions contained in the Housing Contract. If your application is not accepted and you are not assigned campus housing, the Housing Contract shall be null and void. You must submit the $350 housing commitment deposit when you apply for campus housing.

MCAD usually receives more applications than there are housing spaces available. Priority for space is given to international students and new full-time students whose housing applications, housing commitment deposits, and tuition deposits have been received by June 1** for fall semester or November 1 for spring semester. Priority within the new student category may be given to those under the age of twenty-four. Priority for remaining space is given to returning first-year and sophomore students. Returning junior and senior students obtain eligibility to live on campus via a lottery held in early April. Depending on demand, a lottery may not be required, in which case all who apply on time will receive assignments. Some categories of students may be precluded from the lottery and may not have the opportunity to live on campus.

New students whose housing applications, housing commitment deposits, or tuition deposits are received after June 1** for fall semester will be placed on a waiting list. (Priority on the waiting list is given to new and returning students from outside the seven-county Minneapolis–St. Paul metropolitan area.) Students applying for spring semester housing will be assigned space as cancellations for spring semester occur. There is typically plenty of availability for spring semester. (Students may apply for college housing before paying their tuition deposit to the college, but may lose assigned space if they have not paid the tuition deposit by July 1 for the fall semester or January 1 for the spring semester.)

Priority for specific apartment requests is based on the number of semesters a student has lived in MCAD housing (summer is also considered a semester for this purpose). Students who have lived on campus longest have the first choice of specific apartments. Final decisions are at the discretion of the housing office.

Every year there is a high demand for private apartments/bedrooms. These options are very limited and students should prepare to not have this type of unit. The majority of incoming students receive a one-bedroom/two-person, a one-bedroom/three-person, or a two-bedroom/four-person assignment. Spaces in these shared units are negotiated between roommates.

Additional information on housing-assignment procedures, waiting lists, and priority systems is detailed in the MCAD Housing Handbook. For students who choose to withdraw from housing, the commitment deposit is refundable prior to July 1 for the fall academic semester by emailing the MCAD Housing Office. If you have questions, please contact or 612.874.3780.

Housing Assignment Notification

Fall semester housing assignment notices will be emailed to applicants by early June. Spring semester housing assignment notices will be emailed to applicants in early- to mid-December.

Housing Costs

On-Campus HousingPer SemesterPer Year
Housing DepositN/A$350
Apartment Rental (per student, per 2020/21 academic year)
  • $8,560 Efficiency/One-Person Furnished
  • $8,020 Efficiency/One-Person Unfurnished
  • $4,700 Efficiency/Two-Person Furnished
  • $4,370 Efficiency/Two-Person Unfurnished
  • $5,980 One-Bedroom/Two-Person Furnished
  • $5,210 One-Bedroom/Two-Person Unfurnished
  • $4,250 One-Bedroom/Three-Person Furnished
  • $3,680 One-Bedroom/Three-Person Unfurnished
  • $8,950 Small One-Bedroom/One-Person Furnished
  • $8,250 Small One-Bedroom/One-Person Unfurnished
  • $5,400 Two-Bedroom/Three-Person Furnished
  • $4,920 Two-Bedroom/Three-Person Unfurnished
  • $4,700 Two-Bedroom/Four-Person Furnished
  • $4,370 Two-Bedroom/Four-Person Unfurnished
  • $7,280 Small Two-Bedroom/Two-Person Furnished
  • $6,500 Small Two-Bedroom/Two-Person Unfurnished

Learn about furnished and unfurnished housing options

*Rental charges for student apartments vary based on type of unit, number of occupants, and whether the unit is furnished or unfurnished. Listed apartment rental charge is per student and includes internet service and all utilities, except long-distance phone service. Contact the housing office at 612.874.3780 for more information.

What to Bring/Not Bring

For your desk

  • art supplies
  • chair or stool
  • extension cords, power strips
  • lamp, non-halogen light bulbs
  • quarters and laundry detergent

For your kitchen

  • cleaning supplies
  • dishes, cups, utensils
  • microwave
  • pots and pans
  • storage containers

For the bathroom

  • medicine
  • towels
  • manicure set
  • toilet paper

For your room/life:

  • bedding for twin standard mattress
  • bike
  • decor
  • wastebasket
  • winter clothing
  • extra blankets

What NOT to bring:

  • 2.4 GHz cordless phones
  • wireless routers and access points (including but not limited to Apple TimeCapsule and MiFi-style devices)
  • halogen lamps
  • anything that produces an open flame (including incense burners)
  • space heaters
  • window air conditioners
  • weapons of any type (real or imitation)
  • hoverboards
  • waterbeds
  • pets
  • thin extension cords (heavy-duty surge-protected power strips are okay)
  • found furniture (bed bug risk)

Housing During Breaks

MCAD Housing is open during all breaks throughout the academic year (i.e., winter break and spring break). Residents do not need to vacate their apartment at these times.

Additional Information