Graduate Assistantships (GA) are designed to provide master of fine arts (MFA) students with meaningful extracurricular experiences and to help offset expenses through on-campus employment. Any full-time MFA student (minimum twelve credits per semester) may apply.

The GA position lasts the entire academic year; MFA students are able to start working one week before the start of fall semester and may work until the last day of spring semester.

GA positions exist in a variety of campus departments, including:

  • MCAD Library
  • Printmaking Studio
  • Media Laboratory
  • Learning Center
  • Computer Support
  • Academic Services
  • 3D Shop
  • Online Learning
  • MCAD Gallery

Total Award: $6,000* over two semesters
Hourly Rate: $13—Maximum of 16 hours per week

*Payment is made based on actual hours worked with a bi-weekly paycheck. Award cannot be applied to tuition balances or used during summer semester.