Each year, external peers from selected disciplines visit the campus either in person or virtually, to interview students, faculty, and staff and to evaluate the institution.

This visit, in a voluntary, improvement-oriented fashion, confirms the integrity of the educational program.

The department chair selects an assessor from other institutions of higher education and one from the industry that pertains to the major. Together, these two reviewers examine a package assembled by the Office of Accreditation and Assessment. This collection of files includes an introductory letter by the chair outlining any issues or considerations, course syllabi, curricula, facilities specs, evaluation reports, and student work. The reviewers then interview students, faculty, and administration. The assessors submit a report which is summarized and used to allocate resources or guide adjustments to the curriculum.

Academic Affairs observes a schedule that subjects every major to a peer review once every seven to ten years. The archive of results is maintained by the Office of Accreditation and Assessment.