Working professional sitting at their desk


Take a series of courses and earn your Professional Development Certificate. 

Courses may be taken noncredit, or for credit (when available). Students typically take courses for credit when thinking about applying to one of MCAD's online master of arts degree programs or if they are being reimbursed by an employer. 

Biomimicry Certificate

Learn nature-based design strategies through courses on Sustainable Design, Systems Thinking, and Biomimicry.

Design Foundations Certificate

Learn the essentials of graphic design through topics such as design concepts and vocabulary; design history and theory, composition, and typography. 

User Experience (UX) Certificate

Learn UX (User Experience) principles and strategies; UX as applied to mobile apps, and UX design systems. 

Web Development Certificate

Learn the basics of web development, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Teaching Art and Design Online Certificate

Learn strategies to develop high-quality online course design; helping artists and designers facilitate the creative process remotely, and conducting critiques effectively online.

Please note that as these are not degree programs, students who complete a Professional Development Certificate do not qualify to receive MCAD Alumni Benefits.