Digi Lab


Located within our 10,000 square foot 3D Shop, MCAD's specialized product design facilities give you access to all the state-of-the-art equpiment you'll need to make your creative ideas a reality.

3D printers with huge build capabilities, advanced laser systems, a Composites Lab complete with curing cabinets and outstanding ventilation, and a multitude of well-lit workspaces are just a few of the amenities offered in our product design facilities. When accompanied by the guidance of our expert faculty and shop staff, you're guaranteed to leave MCAD with the knowledge and skills of a full-fledged product designer.

Digital Lab

  • Stratasys F370 3D Printer
  • Stratasys uPrint 3D Printer
  • zPrinter 150 3D Printer
  • Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer
  • Universal Laser System in 18x32 and 24x36 sizes


  • LC Series 4896 CNC Router
  • Forrest CNC Router

Machining Lab

  • Tormach 1100M CNC Milling Machine


  • Composites Lab
  • Plaster/Moldmaking Lab
  • Project Assembly Space
  • Spray Booth
  • Brand-new classroom with floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Student studios complete with workbenches

In addition, product design students will have access to the rest of the 3D Shop, incuding equipment for wood and metalworking and bronze and aluminum foundry work.