PhD, University of Minnesota

Frenchy Lunning, PhD, has written two books—Subcultural Fashion: Fetish Style (Bloomsbury, 2013) and Cosplay: The Masque of Fandom (University of Minnesota Press, 2017)—and is working on a third, Revolutionary Girl: Shōjo. She also has written various essays in anthologies and journals.

Director of the academic conference Mechademia Conference on Asian Popular Cultures, she is also the editor-in-chief of Mechademia, a completed ten-volume book series published by the University of Minnesota Press dedicated to Asian popular culture, but primarily on Japanese manga and anime.

She has recently begun working in object-oriented ontology, an aspect speculative realism, and has chapters being published in two anthologies: After the “Speculative Turn”: Realism, Philosophy and Feminism (editors: Eileen Joy, Katerina Kolozova, and Ben Woodard), and Object-Oriented Feminism (editor: Kathryn Behar). In addition, she has a video and film production firm, Moving Walkway Productions, that specializes in music videos.