Work by Eli deVries
Work by Eli deVries

Senior, Fine Arts Studio
Kinji Akagawa Merit Scholarship $2,500
Online Portfolio

What kind of work are you excited to make next?

I am excited to focus on miniature models that take inspiration from dollhouses and mid-20th century America. Right now, I am designing a small house and yard based on found, archived footage from the ’50s and once completed I will project that footage onto the finished set.

What are your hopes/goals for your senior year? And beyond?

I am hoping to focus more on reading and researching and making time to go to gallery openings and the like. I also want to make use of the 3D shop as best as I can during my last few months on campus.

Best thing you ever got on the free shelf?

A small, plastic Harry Potter playset. Unfortunately, there were no figurines, but I think it was a recreation of the duel between Harry and Draco in the Chamber of Secrets.

Current obsession?