An Unbreakable Tie by Kristina Thurkill
An Unbreakable Tie by Kristina Thurkill

Senior, Drawing and Painting
Class of 1978 Merit $2,000
Online Portfolio

What kind of work are you excited to make next?

I’m excited to continue learning about the human form and functionality of people closest to me versus people who I barely know at all. I’m hoping I can make more abstract pieces that link individuals to their environment and what lies behind it. 

What are your hopes/goals for your senior year? And beyond?

For my senior year, I am hoping to become more daring and take greater risks with my work! I bond so closely with my pieces and the individuals I make that it can be challenging for me to alter or quickly change my process. I hope this determination of risk and chance can help me with my future pieces as well as open incredible art career opportunities for my future. 

Best thing you ever got on the free shelf?

With being a drawing and painting major I always seem to need paper! Last year I found three heavy duty sheets of it that I still have, and seem like they could last me a lifetime! That along with five colorful packages of stretchy cotton! Both the sizes and materials were products that made me step outside of my normal working comfort zone! 

Current obsession?

I’m usually not a chocolate fan, but I’ve had about three chocolate chip cookies today! Presently my highest one-day dessert record!