We Rise by Lifting Each Other; 2020; Screen printed t-shirt

Meet the artists of the 2020 MCAD Faculty Biennial 

This t-shirt was designed for Family Tree Clinic’s 2019 Pride March. The saying has been, we rise by lifting others, but that saying creates a hierarchy, and a separation: those lifting and those lifted. We revised the statement to say, “We Rise by Lifting Each Other” so that the effort and reward of lifting is shared. The lettering was created using Adobe Illustrator and a Wacom tablet and the t-shirts were printed by Rebel Ink in St. Paul.

About Alison Nowak

Alison Nowak is an illustrator, designer, and writer. She has received awards from the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles and 3x3 Magazine, and has been featured in 3x3 Magazine's New Talent Gallery. She received her MFA in Visual Studies with a concentration in illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where she teaches illustration and other topics. Nowak has worked with a wide range of clients, from individual artists with small projects to retail stores launching national ad campaigns.