digtial print made with computer graphics
mom/01/15/20; 2020; Archival digital print made with computer graphics

Meet the artists of the 2020 MCAD Faculty Biennial

The recent and unexpected death of my mother has led to a number of changes, both practical and emotional. Processing the loss has proved elusive, and an unpredictable feeling of absence lies below the surface. The visual representation of hidden trauma, and the stark absence of all else, is a rumination on the power of loss and the isolating effects it can have on those who are left behind.

About Shannon Gilley

Shannon Gilley is an Emmy and Telly award-winning animator and professor whose career has spanned television commercials and series, educational animation and courtroom graphics, and product visualization. His clients have included Disney, Target, CBS, Mattel, Discovery Channel, University of Minnesota, and dozens more. Gilley holds an MFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where he focused on visual communication design and animation for science education.