illustration of a person experiencing creative block
Creative Block; 2020; Digital print

Meet the artists of the 2020 MCAD Faculty Biennial.

As an illustrator, I am driven by the challenge of visual problem solving and inspired by the power of visual storytelling. Illustration is such a versatile medium and it can be many things—loud, strong, subtle, or beautifully quiet. I strive to capture visually and emotionally impactful images and present these moments through clever concepts and carefully constructed designs.

I explore a variety of themes in my work from the human condition to nature, from politics and technology, all varying in audience and format. The brainstorming and ideation process fuels my creativity and is the most exciting stage for me, providing a playful/low pressure playground to explore, dissect, and interpret ideas.

About Jaime Anderson

Jaime Anderson is a Minneapolis-based illustrator and educator. She is currently Assistant Professor of Illustration at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and previously taught illustration courses at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC. 

Driven by the challenge of visual problem solving, her illustration practice explores print and digital applications for a wide range of projects from editorial and advertising illustrations to poster exhibitions and zines. Her advertising work has served Fortune 500 companies including American Express and DISH Network in addition to local organizations like MinnPost and the Bicycle Alliance of MN. Clients include: Resist!, Teen Vogue, The Growler Magazine, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Star Tribune, Wall Street Journal, and Oregon Business Magazine. Her work has been recognized in the Society of Illustrators West, Applied Arts Magazine, American Illustration, CMYK, Creative Quarterly, and DPI Magazine. Anderson’s work was also published in the illustration textbook titled The Power and Influence of Illustration by Alan Male.