Typography and graphic design pieces for Milla Kicilinska's book Reshaped
Reshaped by Milla Kicilinska

Junior, Graphic Design
Hearst Graphic Design Merit Scholarship, $2,000
Online Portfolio
Minneapolis, Minnesota

What did you submit for merits?

I submitted 20 Spine-Tingling Destinations (printed collateral, digital animation, wall installation) and Reshaped (book covers, process, metal sculpture inspiration.)

What's next for your practice? Anything you're really excited to make?

I would like to explore more in the field of fine arts and push my limits when comes to animation.

Why did you decide to come to MCAD?

I arrived at a point in life where I had enough surplus to go back to school and complete my BFA degree. We waste so much time in life, why not learn things? And why not do it with the best, surrounded by wonderful people and the best art culture, here at MCAD?

Favorite thing about college life (so far)?

Access to an extreme amount of resources, great culture, wonderful professors, and a high level of education.

Anything you're obsessed with at the moment?

Typography, abstract painting, textures, and things that move on-screen.

What inspires you?

People and their unique, creative minds.

Do you have a favorite piece you've made? Describe it!

A metal sculpture I made during the 3D foundation class. It was a welded sculpture, over 1 meter high, of a meditator sitting on a lotus flower. It was a great challenge but I was very proud of it at the end. I never expected that I would learn how to use power tools. I suppose one can even overcome such anxiety if they are open enough to learning. Thank you to the 3D Shop and my professors :)

Any final comments on the merit awards?

I really love the fact that MCAD gives so many opportunities for students to challenge themselves to be better in what they do and get awards for it as well.