Fanny Pack Maniac!

On the beautiful autumn day of September 24, MCAD students spent the afternoon eccentrically decorating and embellishing fanny packs to carry their essential COVID-19 items (and anything else they can carry).


Students met on MCAD’s lawn where a collection of craft supplies were ready for our students to ravish. The hottest items to decorate the fanny packs included fake teeth (always a crowd favorite) and doll eyes—which students attached to fake fruits to create animated characters that were secured to the fanny packs as a keychain. Students also flexed their creativity by using gemstones, tassels, fake flowers and plants, and even creating patterns with glitter glue. In typical MCAD fashion students were inspired by each others’ wild creations and came up with some runway worthy looks.

A student browsing materials

Works in progress

Detail of a completed fanny pack!

Students working on their fanny packs

A completed look

Focusing on decorations!

A completed fanny pack!