Black and White Ball


Student Events

Back-to-School BBQ. Black and White Ball. Thanksgiving Feast. ValleyScare Field Trip. These are just a few of many student events planned throughout the year as a way for you to unwind and make new friends. Free food is also often involved.

On-Campus Clubs

Recess Club anyone? Or #ThrowbackThursday Club? Or how about Meditation Homework Club? MCAD is home to an endless list of on-campus clubs. These are ways for you to get a break from your regular schedule, meet new people, and maybe even learn a few things, too. Oh, and if none of our existing clubs spark your interest, you can always start your own.

Leadership Opportunities

Looking to build your leadership skills? You might consider curating a Gallery 148 show. Or you could get involved as a front-line student advocate by becoming an orientation crew leader, resident assistant, or MCAD Student Union member.

MCAD Art Sale

A major perk of being an MCAD student is that you get to take part in the country’s largest annual student art sale. Held every November, this is an exciting time when students and alumni fill the college’s walls with work to be sold to the public. If someone purchases your work, you walk away with cold hard cash in your pocket.