Emilee Lund talks about her experience studying illustration at MCAD.

Illustration majors express ideas through powerful, innovative images that entertain, inform, and evoke emotion. Traditional media, digital knowledge, and conceptual thinking are the building blocks of the illustration experience at MCAD.

As an Illustration Major You Will:

  • Sharpen your technical and conceptual illustration skills
  • Explore traditional and nontraditional forms of illustration
  • Become fluent with the latest technology
  • Develop concepts into patterns and surface design
  • Learn to clearly communicate ideas and tell stories
  • Prepare for a professional career in illustration

Tell Me More about Illustration at MCAD


Student Work

Alumni Spotlight

Mary Grand Pre Harry Potter Mirror of Erised

Mary GrandPre ’81

Mary GrandPré’s portfolio is far larger than just seven book covers. Nevertheless, the illustrator of all the American Harry Potter books is best-known for her iconic renditions of the Boy Wizard.

Faculty Spotlight

Jaime Anderson, Assistant Professor

Jaime Anderson is a Minneapolis-based illustrator who specializes in editorial and advertising illustration. Her recent assignments include work for the Bicycle Alliance of MN, Growler Magazine, Star Tribune, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Dish Network, Hour Detroit, Wall Street Journal, American Express, and Oregon Business Magazine.