3D print by Whitley Darby
3D print by Whitley Darby

Sophomore, Graphic Design
Hearst Foundation Merit Scholarship $2,000

How are you going to celebrate your win?

Hopefully I could put it towards my financial aid because college is expensive and everything counts on paying for it. Although if I can not put it towards that I'll put it towards other things I need for the next year.

What kind of work are you excited to make next?

I am excited to make more graphic design work. Next fall I will be in Graphic Design 2 and hopefully I find my groove within what I want to do with my work. Basically I want to find my voice.

What made you choose to come to MCAD?

I came to MCAD because I wanted to go to school out of my state which is New York—and it was just a plus when MCAD was willing to give me more than schools in New York. (And the housing is apartment-like. I would also call that a plus!)

Favorite thing about college life (so far)?

My favorite thing about college life is the weekends. Yes, sometimes they are reserved for doing homework, but other times they are either spent going on a trip to Target or hanging with friends. I would say those moments will be thought about after I graduate.