three colorful posters that say "free the youth," "stop the raids," and "end the camps"
Work by Jared Maire

Senior, Graphic Design
Hearst Graphic Design Merit Scholarship, $2,000
Online Portfolio
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Describe the work you submitted for merits.

A collection of very large posters and very tiny publications.

Why did you decide to come to MCAD?

I wanted access to the physical resources, networking opportunities, and community of teaching artists.

What are your plans for your senior year? And beyond?

Survival. Hopefully seeing friends again in real life.

Favorite thing about college life (so far)?

Seeing students realize their voices are important, and pushing for that at every moment.

What's the best thing you've got from MCAD's free shelf?

Kurt Austin's leftover prints.

What inspires you?

Fellow students who collaborate on social change through community activism.

Do you have a favorite piece you've made? Describe it!

The CNC print project for Natasha Pestich's Post-Digital Printing class. It was a group effort, from using the CNC to physically printing it. The piece is a 36x48 inch woodblock print on Japanese paper, and focusing on the fetishization of plants during a global climate crisis.

Anything you're obsessed with at the moment?

The thought of a social revolution starting after the Covid-19 pandemic. The hope that people will realize the way we have been living through capitalism has not and will not sustain us when another crisis hits.