charcoal still life drawing by Riley Wright
Work by Riley Wright

Sophomore, Undecided
Foundation Merit Scholarship, $2,000
Online Portfolio
Pearl City, Illinois

Describe the work you submitted for merits.

I wanted to pull from a variety of mediums that I've used within my foundation classes during my first year at MCAD. These included photography, collage, and even a 3D-printed submarine equipped for a mega volcano. With that being said, most of the collection is composed of still life drawings and figure drawings because I felt the most in my element during Foundation Drawing I and II. I also felt my drawings had experienced the most growth during my first year, and that growth is something I'm proud to show.

What's next for your practice? Anything you're really excited to make?

I'm excited to take an illustration class in the fall and see how it fits. Most of the artwork I make for myself has illustrative elements.

Why did you decide to come to MCAD?

Financial support and also I was excited to experience life in Minneapolis.

Favorite thing about college life (so far)?

All the people I've met have been so kind and out of the box. I'm really grateful for my friends and the fun movie nights we've had.

What's the best thing you've got from MCAD's free shelf?

A lefty notebook that I was able to surprise one of my good friends with.

Anything you're obsessed with at the moment?

Bicycling and snacking on mini chocolate chips, but not at the same time.

What inspires you?

Expressionism, Frida Kahlo, Shepard Fairey, Mira Mariah, Laika films, and the city of Chicago.