MCAD Fitness Center
MCAD Fitness Center

During my first year at MCAD, I became quite familiar with the fitness center. Some of you may remember the space tucked between the comic studios and the free shelf on the first floor. The air was that of a quintessential gym. Although a bit smelly, the spot proved a quiet reprieve when you needed to get your muscles moving. 

Right upstairs was the bustling Bistro that supplied all the comfort food you needed to keep moving through big projects, first college breakups, and Minnesota winters. It seems only fair that these pillars of MCAD student life have been honored and renovated as they deserve. Over the summer, construction began on our beloved building. The renovations focused on the fitness center, bistro, and 3D Shop areas.

As I live right around the corner, I made many a jaunt over to MCAD over these past summer months for tasks big and small. Every time I would walk through the door I felt like I was greeted by change after change. Each trip brought mounting excitement about what might lie ahead for the school! Currently, all the renovations have concluded. I can say with certainty that I am not disappointed. The renovators delivered! 
The new Grab 'n' Go case in the Bistro.

I’d like to begin by highlighting the lovely fitness area where we can now pump that iron in peace and quiet! The new red and shiny, mirror-walled gym is a host to a treadmill, ellipticals, recumbent bicycle, free weights and a bench, punching bag, exercise balls, and a Life Fitness Multi-Gym. If you’re lucky, you might have the chance to sweat along Allan the librarian as he bikes and plays along with Jeopardy on the TV.
Updated Fitness Center

The Bistro also got a facelift. The booths are no longer there and sleek, new tables take their place. A strip of outlets lines the walls. This is a welcome change after the days of competing for the one booth with a loose plug-in. We usher in this new era of fully charged batteries. Those in a hurry will also rejoice for the Bistro now has a "Grab 'n' Go" section. Snag a sandwich, some pasta, or a little snack and skip the line for quicker transactions.
A student takes a breather in the updated bistro. 
The majority of the renovations, however, occurred on the first floor in our newly remodeled Product Design Spaces. George Mahoney, a 3D professor, was able to give me a brief overview of the additions that he found most notable. As a result of the construction, MCAD is now in possession of a Composites room. A Composites room, I was informed, is a room is where students can go to make molds with any material that has substantial off-gassing. New machines are present as well, such as bandsaws and foundation welders.
A student glues up a wooden project for a 3D course.

Next to the shop, there are several new classrooms that have rose from the ground up. These brand-spankin’ new spaces will give room for expanded courses and student elbow room. Along with the addition of new classrooms, we also have designated studios for product design students that are beautiful and spacious. The product design program is still relatively new, and it’s an exciting addition to MCAD’s curriculum. This new renovation allows for more space for students to hone their craft by making multi-dimensional products in a wide range of mediums for clients and professional audiences. 
A view of the new classrooms.

Finals lurk around the corner, panting down our necks and nipping at our heels as we rush to complete all our assignments and tasks. As stress looms, and pressures rise, why not take advantage of the new fitness center? Let your stress convert into positive energy as you channel endorphins on one of the new exercise machines. Treat yourself to a tasty dessert from the Grab ’n’ Go Fridge in the bistro and allow yourself a few extra minutes to breathe before class. Explore the first-floor classrooms and revel in their new construction as you escape your responsibilities. Over our four or more years at MCAD, we will walk the halls a thousand times, eat a hundred or so bistro snacks, and at least consider exercising more at least twice a month. MCAD becomes our home and shapes our habits and routines. Through these new renovations, we are given the gift of new spaces and new styles. It’s our job to fully take advantage of these new facilities, in whatever capacity we can! They’re here for us!